Tniassaint (tniassaint) wrote in ljover30,

Earworms - Top Five

My dear friend used a term once that described a song that gets stuck in one's head and will not leave. She called them "Earworms".

Lately have a song that has been taking up all my extra processing in my head and will not get out. Here is the 5 that get stuck in my gray matter far too often...

1 Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks (the one that inspired the post)
2 Oompa Loompa from the Gene Wilder take on Willie Wonka
3 Beethoven's 9th Symphony - (usually the second movement)
4 Let it Snow
5 Dream a Little Dream of Me (the Momma Cass version - and usually accompanied by an inner visual of Momma Cass in a grass skirt with a uke - hey, I didn't say these things were supposed to be things we LIKED)

Oh there are more... but these are the top five for me. (Honorable mention to the theme of the Muppet Show and Leif Erickson by Interpol)

What are yours?
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