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I posted in a few other add-me communities a while back, so if you feel like you've seen me before - it's not deja vu. :) I'd still like some more friends, so I'm posting a few new places.

I am 31, male, living in Michigan. I am happily married, though our relationship is anything but normal. We are Childfree, so if that's you as well, you should DEFINITELY add me. I work in a "geeky" job, and do things on the side like photography, geocaching, reading, watching more TV than is probably good for me, and leading an interfaith spirituality discussion group.

I'm really looking for people who will be active in reading and commenting, and who post enough in-depth material (not just Facebook status updates) that I can do the same for them. I don't have a minimum requirement or anything, but if I never hear from you, well...y'know. I prefer people who think deeply without overthinking.

You can expect to read stories from my past, attempts at insight into my present, and occasional hopes for my future, with the occasional rant thrown in. I don't often post about politics, though I tend toward liberalism and I do plan one entry on it soon. Any entries on spirituality are not intended to convince anyone of anything.

If that sounds interesting, let me know. I don't mind if you decide later that I'm not for you. :)
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