allapologies26 (allapologies26) wrote in ljover30,

Friend Me!

I'm Jen, 32 years old. I currently live in Tampa, FL but am originally from Northern Virginia. I live with my boyfriend, Brian, and our 3 cats. I'm down-to-earth and open-minded. Just looking for a few like-minded individuals I can feel comfortable sharing the most personal parts of my life with. I'm not judgemental in any way and very accepting of all different lifestyles, ethnic/cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc. Just be you and I'll be me.

I smoke cigarettes (trying to quit, of course), used to smoke pot (until it gave me panic attacks), curse pretty frequently, and don't have a problem talking about my sex life in some detail. I suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder but don't write about it often...if're more likely to just notice these things peeking out from beneath my subject matter. I'm friendly, believe in Karma and "what goes around, comes around," and try my best to be a good human being in general.

There's a whole lot more to know about me so if you're curious, send me a request. Hope to see you soon. :)
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