In need of a connection

I'm going to make this pretty easy. I'm lonely. I look for quality over quantity. I am unhappily married and I have a lot of stuff I struggle with. I just want to find someone I can talk to and hopefully someone I can relate to or who can relate to me. I was horribly conflicted about joining one of these friend groups because I have social anxiety and like I said, I have a lot of stuff I struggle with.

I am a big gamer though I mostly stick with MMOs.
I like reading, mostly the classics or anything really prior to 1950 and a lot of Regency Era novels.
I roleplay (written story-telling) online on forums and in discord.
I love world history and architecture.
I like to cook, particularly bake.
I am a fan of most types of music, there is typically something in every genre I can enjoy.
I am a mother.
I absolutely love cats and while I don't hate dogs I am not that fond of them (unless they are trained and well cared for).
I love the theater (most types of classic live performances)
I tend to make use of puns without realizing it and I have a terribly dorky sense of humor.
I love to laugh but find it harder and harder unless it's my children causing it.

If you think that we could be friends, please don't hesitate to message me. I'd like to talk to someone that doesn't mind being a shoulder to cry on because I don't really have anyone that can be that for me and I would love to be that shoulder to someone else who can understand and needs to be understood.


So I recently had a discussion with someone about making changes. This year has been nothing but changes for me. Spiritually I've made some huge decisions. Life changing. I'll post another time on that subject. I also met someone that has pushed me to change. Not in a bad way, but in a needed way. They have made me think, helped me open my mind, helped me open my heart, and most importantly open my soul. It's been a domino effect really.

Change is what helps me grow, helps me learn, and helps me heal. I have to make some changes in my life. That is terrifying to me, but they are necessary. I'm hoping this journal will help me sort thru the noise in my head. I'm hoping for good things from this.

I would normally use an old fashioned pen and paper. Many years ago I started an online blog. It was nice. I'm going to start utilizing this electronic journal and see where the journey takes me. Have a great day! Love to all!
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Drinking tea, closing my eyes for a moment and thinking.....

2014 is ending. Quickly. As in 1 hour and 59 minutes from now. I can't say that 2014 was my favorite year, but it was a year of tremendous growth and change that was sorely necessary. This year is ending with none of the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" vibe that 2010 and 2011 brought, none of the terrible pain and anguish that painted the majority of 2012, and none of the hopeful optimism that things would go in the way that I was nudging them to go that ended my experiences in 2013.

I've noticed that 2014 has been characterized by the realization and acceptance of my own idiosyncrasies, and embrace of myself for who I am and less reliance on the past directing my future. I've made friends, made mistakes and lost friends, realized who to trust and how much trust to extend. I've also gradually realized that perhaps its not the best policy to let everyone know your every thought and ever idea....because frankly....others can care less.
That has been a painful lesson....and one that I would have preferred to have learned years before....but there's no such thing as it being 'too late' to learn some meaningful life lessons. Even at 30.

So, introducing myself: I'm Mimi, not far from my 31st birthday and divorced. I am a recent college grad, earning a BA in Political Science. I work in Sales for an Internet based company. My job is a real highlight of my life, and I love the company that I work for and enjoy working alongside my colleagues. They teach me so much!

In my spare time, I read, craft and try to get out for long walks whenever possible. I'm just interested in connecting with people in the same age group and who are interesting with lively ideas.
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Friend Me!

I'm Jen, 32 years old. I currently live in Tampa, FL but am originally from Northern Virginia. I live with my boyfriend, Brian, and our 3 cats. I'm down-to-earth and open-minded. Just looking for a few like-minded individuals I can feel comfortable sharing the most personal parts of my life with. I'm not judgemental in any way and very accepting of all different lifestyles, ethnic/cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc. Just be you and I'll be me.

I smoke cigarettes (trying to quit, of course), used to smoke pot (until it gave me panic attacks), curse pretty frequently, and don't have a problem talking about my sex life in some detail. I suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder but don't write about it often...if ever...you're more likely to just notice these things peeking out from beneath my subject matter. I'm friendly, believe in Karma and "what goes around, comes around," and try my best to be a good human being in general.

There's a whole lot more to know about me so if you're curious, send me a request. Hope to see you soon. :)

Hope someone is still around.

I'm a 37 yr old guy from Pennsylvania. I have 3 children of my own and live with my gf and her 2 children. I'm into sports,music and reading. I work in retail currently but looking for a new job so it may or may not be in the same field. Looking for new friends to chat with about whatever.

Intro to Me

Hi all,

I'm a 37 yr old female in a serious, committed relationship. We have one dog and one cat, but no kids (now or ever!). I had an account on LJ years ago, but deleted it and disappeared for a bit. I'm just returning, but still don't have much interesting stuff to say! ;)
I'm on my 3rd round of being laid off, so I will likely talk/complain about that a lot. Otherwise, I have several health issues that I try not to dwell on, but they do rear their ugly heads once in a while. The worst at the moment are an anxiety disorder (made worse by the aforementioned unemployment), and Fibromyalgia (also made worse by he unemployment/stress).
I'm open-minded, big-hearted, silly, and sometimes all-out crazy (my first few entries aren't anything to go by - they're the anxiety/boredom side). I'm looking for people who laugh and can make me laugh, who can sympathize/empathize, but who aren't all drama-crazy. I'm shy at first, but a total chatterbox once I get to know people. :)
lj dodgers

vintage typewriter typers

To whom it may concern:

OMG! where are all the vintage typewriter typers from lj?! Why is blogspot so popular with bloggers who post their hard copy, manually typed pages in their blogs. Jeez, they've even labeled them with tags called typecasts. C'mon ljers! this is my last resort before giving up the hunt. Please get your typewriters out and take a picture of them and the stuff you type with them.

I swear, what this livejournal blog needs is a community named "fukc_computers".


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