insomniac413 (insomniac413) wrote in ljover30,

Intro to Me

Hi all,

I'm a 37 yr old female in a serious, committed relationship. We have one dog and one cat, but no kids (now or ever!). I had an account on LJ years ago, but deleted it and disappeared for a bit. I'm just returning, but still don't have much interesting stuff to say! ;)
I'm on my 3rd round of being laid off, so I will likely talk/complain about that a lot. Otherwise, I have several health issues that I try not to dwell on, but they do rear their ugly heads once in a while. The worst at the moment are an anxiety disorder (made worse by the aforementioned unemployment), and Fibromyalgia (also made worse by he unemployment/stress).
I'm open-minded, big-hearted, silly, and sometimes all-out crazy (my first few entries aren't anything to go by - they're the anxiety/boredom side). I'm looking for people who laugh and can make me laugh, who can sympathize/empathize, but who aren't all drama-crazy. I'm shy at first, but a total chatterbox once I get to know people. :)
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