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Drinking tea, closing my eyes for a moment and thinking.....

2014 is ending. Quickly. As in 1 hour and 59 minutes from now. I can't say that 2014 was my favorite year, but it was a year of tremendous growth and change that was sorely necessary. This year is ending with none of the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" vibe that 2010 and 2011 brought, none of the terrible pain and anguish that painted the majority of 2012, and none of the hopeful optimism that things would go in the way that I was nudging them to go that ended my experiences in 2013.

I've noticed that 2014 has been characterized by the realization and acceptance of my own idiosyncrasies, and embrace of myself for who I am and less reliance on the past directing my future. I've made friends, made mistakes and lost friends, realized who to trust and how much trust to extend. I've also gradually realized that perhaps its not the best policy to let everyone know your every thought and ever idea....because frankly....others can care less.
That has been a painful lesson....and one that I would have preferred to have learned years before....but there's no such thing as it being 'too late' to learn some meaningful life lessons. Even at 30.

So, introducing myself: I'm Mimi, not far from my 31st birthday and divorced. I am a recent college grad, earning a BA in Political Science. I work in Sales for an Internet based company. My job is a real highlight of my life, and I love the company that I work for and enjoy working alongside my colleagues. They teach me so much!

In my spare time, I read, craft and try to get out for long walks whenever possible. I'm just interested in connecting with people in the same age group and who are interesting with lively ideas.
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