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LJ For Those Over 30

A place to hang around with the other senior citizens of LJ.

The Over 30 LJ Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
The "mission statement" of this community is as follows:

This is a place for people over thirty to hang out among their age peers.

There is a very broad range of subject matter relevant to this community. Are you over 30? Is something on your mind? Then posting about it here is probably ok. There's a lot of discussion about nostalgia, but this is by no means intended to be a "nostalgia only" community. Discussions about living in today's world as an over 30, personal struggles you are having that you want to share with other people of a similar age, politics, religion and sex are all more then welcome. I hope we as the "grown ups" on livejournal don't need a lot more rules then that in order to keep things running smoothly. Of course, I would hope common sense would lead everyone to treat other posters in a respectful manner, without denigrating into personal attacks. If those type of things do arise, they'll be dealt with on a case by case basis.

This is a shared place that doesn't belong to any one person. In the same way that common courtesy would dictate that you shouldn't leave a mess in a house or workplace that you shared with other people, you shouldn't leave a mess here. Most people who read this community do so by way of monitoring their LiveJournal "Friends" page, and it is a generally accepted principle in the LJ community that certain things may unduly "clutter" people's Friends pages. Examples of things that may widely be considered "clutter" are lengthy entries (longer then two or three standard paragraphs), internet generated quiz results, memes (things that are posted repeatedly throughout LJ with the different posters modifying the meme to reflect information applicable to them), large images, song lyrics, etc. Posters in this community are strongly encouraged to place any such entries they choose to make to this community behind an "LJ-Cut." For those not familiar with that feature, an LJ-Cut is a feature that screens the bulk of a lengthy entry when that entry is displayed on people's Friends pages. From their Friends page, readers can then click a link that displays the entire content of the entry on a seperate page. Posters who are not familiar with how to use the LJ-Cut feature can find instructions here. People who make the kind of posts described above without using the LJ-Cut feature will likely be recipients of negative response to their post. Realize that failure to use the LJ-Cut feature can lead to you being considered someone who is unnecessarily cluttering this shared space, and someone may very well call you on it. The best way to avoid such "drama" is to always err on the side of consideration. As a child, my parents took the family camping,, and they always taught us to leave a campsite in better condition then it was when we found it. That's a good rule of thumb to use here as well.